Measures of Center

All Day I Dream About Statistics Rap

May 5, 2010

Dr. Aguilera said I had to take statistics

I said I did in high school

And I don’t really miss it

Pardon me

But I’m a grown ass man

How you gonna make me pay

To take math class?

He said it’s required

If you wanna get a Bachelor’s

And with that, you see more


– like St. Patrick’s

I said OK

Sign me up then

Cuz a lotta people wanna see me broke

But fuck them

I walked in the class

The man had snacks

But he already knew

What he was going to ask

First I’m counting

Kinds of pants on the train

Then I’m waving at drivers

For twenty trains straight

Like a freaking mamao

A couple of ‘em came back

A second time

and looked down.

But it wasn’t

All peachy

A couple of officers

Came by to watch me briefly

They’d didn’t bother me

A bit though

I’m just glad I didn’t

Wake up in Gitmo

But tampoco

I’m not stupid

I had gone up to the clerk before and

Explained what I was doing

And tampoco

I’m not dumb

I went to Halsey St. on the L

Where the exit is right at the front

So you can observe

A statistician at work

A man working to live

Not living to work

I guess this is

How real it’s gotten

But cuz I’m tall and got a beard

Don’t make me bin Ladin

But enough – let’s talk digits

For range and midrange

You need the set’s

Upper and lower limits

For the range

Take those and subtract

You take the mean

Midrange whatcha gat

I guess I oughta say what I mean

When I say

“mean” better

Mean is one of your

Measures of center

If the mean is

Whatcha tryna get

Add the values

Then, divide

By the number in the set

Two other measures of center

Are median and mode

Median’s the middle value

When you put ‘em in a row

“But there’s 2 in the middle!”

Oh no.

Just find the mean of those 2

And you’ll be good to go

Gosh, I’m starting to sound

Like I’m an old pro

“But wasn’t there one other one?”


The mode!

The mode

Is the number

Or numbers

Which appear the most

If there isn’t one – don’t put 0

If they all

Occur equally

Then it’s “none”

Zero is a number

It comes before 1

So that’s some measures of center

For some people

Rhyming it

Helps them remember

And I must say, Mr. Klahr,

It’s a wonder

You can really speak

A real long time about numbers

Honestly, I think

It’s a miracle, yo

The man said he was 86 years old!

But don’t you

Play with me!

You can’t be a day

Over 83!


You’ve waited so patiently

For our attitude essays And L.A.P.’s

I’m sure you all did it

Let me speak for me

This is my presentation

But could I bring the paper next week?

See, to me the most important

Number is


Because that made me

The Earth

And the Sun

And that one

Is what we cuh be

By day

Or by evening


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