It’s Logic, As Long As It’s Nobody That From My Clique – Logic Exercise

Rights, by logic.

I was very solitary in my anti-war stance after the Twin Towers fell.

But, my point then…

(And aint it funny how some conversations are easier alone?)

Can, should,
Does bad move you?

Does bad done to you imbue you with rights?

Does evil give you rights?

And if it has,

What does “bad”, “wrong” allow you to do?

That you couldn’t do before?

Which is really saying…

how do YOU interpret

bad, and bad times?

Did they convert you?

Is it a new way of life?

That, yes, you were taught?

That yes, you can reject.

Fuck that,

every drop of aid,

every kind man child and vegetable

Come home.

Somebody hit a building here,

and we built this bitch!

COME HOME. We sick. That simple.

Take care of ours, and the next bomb, they fuckin too hard.

We here in school.

I know somebody don’t like that, but I aint got time for you…



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