What part of N.O. didn’t you understand? (Part I)

5 years ago, I wrote, published and publicized “An Open Letter to Barack Obama.”

5 years later…

Our process-engaged citizens seem, again, locked in

election’s monogamous 2-headed embrace.


Living legends have long lain out leader roads and ways that last,

culled from life.


Change of course so central to a new direction, there are several I would set out

right now.

It’s always upset me when people shit in the spinach OR the Taco Bell Chalupa.

We can accept NO ingredients which are a product of gene modification in the food supply of humanity, with an effort to removing it from the domestic diet.

This would include a fundamental reassessment of the use of national yields. Right now: corn.

Numbers range estimating three-fourths to eighty eight percent of domestic corn is genetically engineered.

The price of gas rises and rises.

When we look at matters honestly, we don’t want to eat food that’s been tinkered with.

We needn’t argue sustainability’s merits. Only sustainable buildings keep standing.

I bet it works, this idea I had:

Dedicate those crops for energy. People don’t want to eat that junk.

Another nonsustainable practice is drilling holes in the ground for industrial appetites.

(More on that later)

Our banks, accounts and entire cities are going broke all over the world.

Lots of our budget problems are locked in, principal light AND long term. Terrible agreements reached in a more chummy time, obviously.

We need our budgets written right, right now. We need NO open-amount government contracts. All of these must be renegotiated to determine the sustainability of the produced good or offered service, and to examine the real tenability of the arrangement itself.

At present, there can be NO wasted dollars. Domestic needs require and demand compliance from manufacturers, especially fabricators of machinery and infrastructure.

Companies do sometimes devote significant proceeds to outreach. It is fast becoming a matter of corporates ethics.

Given this, in the quagmire we’re in, why aren’t we admitting our responsibility to each other?

Earnings reports from NRG companies are billions a quarter.


One thought on “What part of N.O. didn’t you understand? (Part I)

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    Relevant to this discussion on all the hows and parts of how to figuring out healthy living as ones and groups. A – the! – natural way for a person to enjoy life to the fullest is what is referred to with the words free and freedom (this is a very Doc Bronners sentence).

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